Mamma Mia

Photo by Lara Jane Photography

Who doesn’t love ABBA. Everyone knows Waterloo and Dancing Queen but also know Mamma Mia thanks to the 2008 movie.

In this production of Mamma Mia, Natalie O’Donnell is Donna, mother of the bride Sophie who is played by Sarah Morrison. It is interesting to note that O’Donnell played Sophie in the original Australian production back in 2001 and was great to see her back as Donna.

Donna’s friends Tanya played by Jayde Westsby and Rosie played by Alicia Gardiner round out the Dynamos. Opposite these fabulous women you have Phillip Lowe, Josef Ber and Ian Stenlake playing Harry, Bill and Sam respectively. Sophie’s fiancé Skye is played by Stephen Mahy.

The ensemble is also amazing and complemented the main cast very well. I loved seeing the interactions between them as the main cast is performing their lines.

All songs are perfectly choreographed and have been updated from the West End production. I really enjoyed seeing my favourite songs be performed on stage especially Voulez- Vous and Does Your Mother Know.

The set is really amazing how it folds and changes to what the scene requires. It was well done.

Overall I loved Mamma Mia and I would see it as many times as possible!


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