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Cruel Intentions Opening Night 1/7/22

I knew a little bit about the show before seeing it but I never saw the film but I thoroughly enjoyed the show and the cast were incredible. The cast of the show are: Kirby Burgess ( Kathryn Merteuil), Drew Westin (Sebastian Valmont), Kelsey Halge (Annette Hargrove), Francine Cain (Cecile Caldwell), Euan Fistrovic Doife (Blaine … More Cruel Intentions Opening Night 1/7/22

Mary Poppins 12/06/22

It was great to be able to see Mary Poppins again. After being able to photograph snippets of the show at the media call, I have been anxiously waiting to see the show. The first time I saw Mary Poppins was the first production back in 2011 at the Capitol Theatre so I was excited … More Mary Poppins 12/06/22

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