Frozen the Musical

Company of Frozen – Australian Production – Photo by Lisa Tomasetti

The anticipation since the announcement of Frozen coming to Sydney and last night I finally saw the show!

From the first moments of young Anna and Elsa on stage I knew it was going to be an amazing show.

Jemma Rix – Photo by Lisa Tomasetti

The cast is an absolute perfect match. Jemma Rix as Elsa, Courtney Monsma as Anna, Matt Lee as Olaf, Thomas McGuane as Hans, Sean Sinclair as Kristoff, Aljin Abella as Weselton and Jonathan MacMillan and Lochie McIntyre as Sven. At my performance I had Siena Kann as young Anna and Sara Petrovski as young Elsa.

Seeing Jemma Rix perform as Elsa after seeing her play Elphaba in Wicked and The Wicked Witch of the West is the Wizard of Oz was truely amazing. Rix has such a powerful and high vocal range which is perfect for Else. Seeing her perform Let it Go was phenomenal as was her entire performance.

Courtney Monsma and Thomas McGuane – Photo by Lisa Tomasetti

I originally saw Courtney Monsma perform as Katherine Howard in Six last year in January. Seeing Monsma as Anna felt like it was a role perfect for her as it was as if the role was destined for her as she really fit Anna’s personality. Not only had I seen Monsma perform before but I have also had the pleasure of seeing Thomas McGuane in Jersey Boys. McGuane was a perfect Hans and the connection that both Monsma and McGuane had on stage was great and loved seeing them perform Love is an Open Door.

Sean Sinclair and Lochie McIntyre – Photo by Lisa Tomasetti

Sean Sinclair was incredible as Kristoff and I enjoyed seeing him perform for the first time. Jonathan MacMillian and Lochie McIntyre do an amazing job in portraying Sven. Seeing them interact not only throughout the show but especially in Reindeer(s) Are Better Then People was lovely.

Matt Lee was wonderful as Olaf and had me having a smile on my face whenever Olaf was on stage. Summer has to be one of my favourite songs and it was great to see it performed on stage. Aljin Abella was great as Weselton and it was great seeing him perform again.

Rounding out the cast is the incredible ensemble: Jakob Ambrose, Justin Anderson, Tanika Anderson, Blake Appleqvist, Sage Douglas, Nicholas Eaton, Mitchell Fistrovic, Joti Gore, Sam Hagen, Jayme-Lee Hanekom, Kimberley Hodgson, Todd Jacobsson, Jessica Kane, Andrew Kroeber, Jordan Malone, Hayley Martin, Adèle Parkinson, Liam Peel, Anthony Sheppard, Thalia Smith, Sophie Weiss, Brendan Xavier. I loved seeing them all on stage again.

Jemma Rix, Matt Lee and Courtney Monsma – Photo by Lisa Tomasetti

Since listening to the soundtrack my favourite song was Hygge and seeing it on stage did not let me down. Of course Let It Go is just phenomenal with seeing the dress for the first time especially the way it is revealed.

I also must admit as a photographer throughout the show I was think what amazing photos all the scenes would be.

The entire show was truely amazing and I will definitely be seeing it again. It definitely brought magic alive and it is done in a sensational way.


Frozen is playing at the Capitol Theatre until May

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