Magic Mike Live

Photo by Lara Jane Photography


Conceived and directed by Channing Tatum, Magic Mike Live is an immersive, thrilling, live dance and acrobatic spectacular based on the hit movies.

With a cast of incredible dancers, MAGIC MIKE LIVE is equal parts empowering, exhilarating and unexpected.

It’s hot, hilarious and the good time you have been looking for.

Ahh Magic Mike Live is a fun show and is an amazing time. The 20 member cast definitely puts on a show.

The cast consists of Arron Theodore-Cook, Alexis Brinkley, Amy Ingram, Anthony Bartley, Blake Varga, Brian Siregar, Charles Bartley, Chris Van Doren, Clare Billson, Dayton Tavares, Jake Paul Greeb, Joshua Williams, Kitwana Clark, Max Francisco, Nathan Kara, Ned Zaina, Nick Phillips, Petr Fedorovskii, Rik Brown and Sam Marks. All members get to show off throughout the show which was great to see.

The showmanship and different segments of the show was great with some aerial thrown in as well. I really enjoyed the performances throughout with the amazing singing and drum solos accompanied with amazing choreography by Alison Faulk, Luke Broadlick and Teresa Espinosa as well as the aerial choreography by Dreya Weber.

Magic Mike Live’s set is amazing. The Arcadia is unique to Australia with an immersive spectacular performance space with an indoor-outdoor lobby and lounge. It is a two level Spiegeltent with an expanded balcony, a second level performance ledge, six different types of seating, a three-story bar, a grand staircase and a groundbreaking new “super-grid” system that allows the production to add a level of technical production never before possible in traditional Spiegeltents. The details on the side of the main stage are beautiful as well.

Overall I had an amazing time at Magic Mike Live and it is definitely worth the money. It is a great night with your girlfriends.

Magic Mike Live is in Sydney until April before travelling to Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.


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