The Ancient Wish by S.A Beattle

I received an ARC copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

One lost girl. One ancient wish. One chance to get home.

Being sixteen is hard enough, but now Maxena Saltash’s best friend has a new boyfriend, is bullying the shy girl at school, and thinks Max’s choice of career is as lowly as the rocks she wants to study. Grateful to be away camping with her family, Max follows a strange creature deep into a cave system. But when she emerges, everything is different.

Frightened and lost in an unfamiliar world, Max is on the run from bandits who mean to kill her and kidnap the creature she names Roo. Along the way, she meets cranky Hazel, who blames Max for destroying his home, and mistrustful Peng, a disfigured half-man, half-bird who just wants to be accepted. But when Max discovers she holds the key to a powerful prophecy it’s up to her to solve the clues, endure five trials, and claim the ancient wish.

If Max fails, her murderous adversaries will use the wish for their own malicious intent. She will never see her home or family again, and the magical world will fall to ruin. Will Max find the strength to stand and fight, or will she remain forever lost?

Join the magical quest in a fantasy world with a steampunk twist, laugh-out-loud moments, and edge-of-your-seat action in The Ancient Wish.

When I saw the description for The Ancient Wish I knew it was a book that I would really enjoy.

The Ancient Wish is definitely an interesting story and world that S.A Beattle created.

The characters in the book are interesting to say the least. I immediately connected to Maxena and what she wanted to achieve with her life. I really liked that she wanted to be something that not to many people wanted to be. The friendship that Maxena has with Sophia was one that changed when Sophia got a boyfriend and I felt that Maxena wanted no part in Sophia’s bullying.

The world that S.A Beattle created was amazing and I loved the different creatures and species that she had in her world.

Overall I really enjoyed The Ancient Wish and I look forward to reading more of S.A Beattle’s books in the future.


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