Blood Orphan by Samantha Adair

This is the first book in the Tom Grant series

Tom Grant, disgraced government agent and functioning alcoholic, is assigned a simple job. Take Isabella Wirth from a banquet before a contract killer puts a bullet in her head. An opportunity to redeem himself. A babysitting job. For one night. Isabella, code breaker at a secret intelligence agency is assigned her own job. Seduce Tom and lure him to a hotel room. In the space of twenty-four hours, a secret Isabella has kept for ten years unravels, and they discover their pasts are intrinsically connected. Pursed through the streets of Paris, Tom and Isabella must evade a relentless killer in a deadly game of cat and mouse, while seeking revenge in an effort to reconcile the past.

I must admit I’m not one to really read thrillers but I did enjoy Blood Orphan. Samantha Adair created such an interesting strolling that I couldn’t put down.

I found the story really interesting and I needed to find out what was going to happen. This definitely reminded in some ways of James Bond in the sense of the action that was happening throughout the book.

Tom and Isabella were very intriguing characters. Both had secrets that they wanted to keep. I really liked the character arcs and finding more about their backstories, especially how they came to be where they were.

Overall Blood Orphan was very interesting and I’m interested in seeing where Samantha Adair goes with the series.


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