Complex by A.D. Enderley

The sky rains red, the poor are forgotten, governments have failed, and corporations have grown into min nation-states called Complexes, where people flock to receive the security, shelter and purpose the outside world can’t provide. The only payment required, buried somewhere in the twenty-thousand-page Terms of Service, is their freedom. Now just sign the dotted line…. Orphaned after her father’s death, 18-year-old Val’s focus is to protect her younger sister Kat and heed her father’s final wishes: Never, ever join a Complex. Stay away from them, at all costs, he demands. But staying away becomes impossible when Kat is abducted, sparking a hunt through a violent mega city primed for revolutions where Val eventually discovers her sister’s disappearance is just a smokescreen. Beneath it lies a motive darker than death and broader in scope than a few lives. As Val and her allies uncover the truth, they’re confronted with a terrible choice – save Kat, or save humanity?

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Complex is a dystopian novel and has an interesting concept. We are dropped into a world without context and that needed a bit more background.

The world is split into Legacy states and Complexes. Legacy states are remanent of old societies and support lower tier citizens. Complexes are societies that run like companies.

There is POV changes that follow different types of people and levels of society. It is somewhat slow paced and picked up when Kat gets kidnapped. Seeing Val struggle is also an interesting aspect.

Overall Complex is an interesting book and I am curious to see what A D Enderly writes next.


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