Don’t Blame the Reckless by Maddyson Wilson

I don’t regret it.
Not a single second.
Not a single kill.

To the people of Kadjar, Ember is the Bloodhound of the East Sector, a champion for the poor, and an enemy of the rich. She excels at making dangerous enemies, the type that leads to kneeling on a balcony in front of hundreds of people, ready to be publicly executed. To the queen, Ember may be her nation’s only hope. Forced by the hands of fate and a ruthless king, the empress is forced to open her eyes and see: Ember Levin is Kadjar’s last hope.

Contrary to what you may think, I don’t want to die.
My little brother needs me.
My nation needs me.

A king should never be trusted, especially when that king is your father. Prince Roman is trying to his best just to survive. With the king breathing down his neck, one wrong move means Roman will never have the freedom or the power to save his country and his heart. But he can’t be the perfect prince his father wants him to be. He has his own secrets, and they just might get him killed.

Don’t Blame the Reckless is an interesting book. It isn’t something I really have read before.

Throughout you read from either Ember’s perspective or Roman’s perspective. I really enjoyed this as it set up what was happening really well.

In the opening chapter you see where Ember has landed herself from all the killing she has done. It is here where you learn of a mission she is to achieve to allow her to gain her freedom and change her sector the way she wants to.

The chapter it is from Roman’s perspective. Roman is a prince who is trying to figure out what he really wants and how he wants to be as King. This chapter really shows Roman as a human being and one who doesn’t want to be above anyone.

The plot of Don’t Blame the Reckless I felt was a little over the place. In the first chapters it is about getting the prisoner to then becoming queen then nothing at all. It was the way in which it happened out of nowhere and I didn’t understand how it really came about. I wished there was more chapters in between so it wasn’t so fast paced. I did like the fact there was blackmail, secrets and assassins in the story.

The characters of Ember and Roman I really did enjoy. I loved how strong Ember was and how she wanted the best for her sector and would do anything to see change. Roman had a beautiful arc I felt and loved to see him grow into himself more. I loved the change in relationship between the two but was annoyed how the story ended.

Overall Don’t Blame the Reckless is a fast paced book that did have interesting characters.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the book


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