Crowned a Traitor by Kate Callaghan

A Young Adult Dark Fantasy from Hell. Crowned A Traitor is like no fantasy you have come across.

Heir to Hell and the Dark Forest of Malum, Klara has been called upon to take her place as High Queen of Malum. Though Klara has no intention of ruling, her guardians want her head on a spike. Klara’s only option – escape to Kalos, Fae ruled lands free from Dark Magic. To survive the perilous journey, she needs help…

A Leprechaun with a talent for smuggling.
A mischievous Demon with swaying loyalties.
The soul of a greying Warlock.
Lycaon siblings with a talent for deception.

Destiny has an awful habit of catching up with those who run.

Crowned a Traitor is an interesting story. The main protagonist Klara, is Lucifer’s daughter. Klara is also the heiress of Hell and the land of Malum. She is definitely a strong character who doesn’t want to do what is expected of her.

There is a lot of different and interesting characters although there is a lot of them to keep track of. There was fae, hobbits, ogres, gryphons, witches, warlocks, minotaurs, dark creatures, humans, ghouls and even demons. It has everything for lovers of the supernatural. This added to the world building and I loved the world that was created.

The character dynamics were interesting to see and I like the changing of friendships/ relationships throughout. The relationship that Klara has with Lucifer as well as the Queens Lilith, Eve and Abadan was interesting and I wanted to see these be explored.

I really enjoyed the relationship between Klara and Frandell. Childhood friends to lovers are always a trope that I enjoy.

It is slow paced until you reach the half way mark where it gets more fast paced and ups the anti. The ending was a twist but I could sort of see where it was heading.

Overall Crowned a Traitor was an interesting read and for lovers of the supernatural you may enjoy this book.

Thank you to the author and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for the review.


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