Billy Elliot

Photo by Lara Jane Photography

Set in a northern town during the miners’ strike of 1984/5, the show follows Billy’s journey from boxing ring to ballet class where he discovers a passion for dance that unites his family, inspires his community and changes his life forever.

The role of Billy Elliot is shared between four boys, Omar Abiad, River Mardesic, Wade Neilson and Jamie Rodgers. Like for Billy, the role of Billy’s best friend Michael is shared between Mason Kidd, Hamish Monger, Oscar Mulcahy and James Sonnemann. Debbie is shared between Chanel Charles, Gabrielle Dagger and Ella Tebbutt. The adult main cast is Lisa Sontag as Mrs Wilkinson, Justin Smith as Dad, Vivien Davies as Grandma, Drew Livingston as Tony, Robert Grubb as George, Dean Vince as Mr Braithwaite, Danielle Everett as Dead Mum and Aaron Smyth as Older Billy. The rest of the ensemble is made up of Justin Anderson. Sienna Balewai, Jordana Beatty, Damien Bermingham, Dion Bilios, Rachel Cole, Tiarne Evans, Josh Gardiner. Isabel Hawthorne, Matt Heyward, Barbara Hughes, Mia Johnson, Caroline Kasper, Jaime Kelly, Alexander Kermond, Zoe Komazec, Melody Kurniawan, Saraj Kate Landy, Michaek Lindner, Jayme-Jo Massoud, Tahlia McGregor, Joe Miller, Sienna Miroforidis, Joshua Russell, Mica Santos, David Sirianni, Indianna Thompson, Tahlia Traecey, Zoe Tsang, Darren Tyler adn Paul Whiteley.

With having the role of the kids split between 3-4 kids was great to see especially when one particular kid was put above the other. All four boys played Billy really well, the same going for the role of Michael and Debbie.

The costumes were really cool to see. I loved the contrast of the costumes to the set.

Speaking of the set, I loved the house set as well as the ballet studio set. I think that each location of the story was really well done.

Overall I loved Billy Elliot and I would go see it again in a heartbeat. The cast did an amazing job.


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