Madiba the Musical

Photo by Lara Jane Photography

“Powerful and uplifting – Madiba the Musical is a soul stirring celebration of the visionary leader Nelson Mandela. With its pulsating African dance, stunning visuals and inspiring songs, this epic musical charts the struggles and racial conflicts amidst the activists unyielding crusade for love, reconciliation, and freedom. The show about destiny and desire springs to life with vigour and heart, and looks to forgiveness beyond the hate. It is a story of forbearance, passion and hope in the fight for a brand new world of modernity and freedom.” Madiba the Musical

It is great to see new musicals be produced and one especially about Nelson Mandela’s life. I knew what Mandela stood for and what he had done but not about how he got there.

The cast was absolutely amazing. I loved seeing Tim Omaji perform for the second time and seeing Barry Conrad perform for the first time. Perci Moeketsi was an amazing Nelson Mandela and I enjoyed seeing David Denis as the narrator. There was some cast members especially in the ensemble that I haven’t seen perform a role before and I really enjoyed their performances.

Most of the set was a projection screen with other pieces such as chairs and tables placed in front to create the set. With the State Theatre having a small stage it made sense for most of the scenery being the projection with smaller props on the stage itself.

The costumes were really well done. I loved seeing the cultural clothing throughout the musical.

Overall Madiba the Musical was an amazing musical and I loved learning more about Nelson Mandela’s story. I would definitely see it again.


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