The Mandevilles’ Marvelous Marvels by J E Miller

Janie Morgan is independent and a traveling loner until she meets Andrew, a like-minded dreamer with aspirations of constructing his invention. Their friendship strengthens as they team up and gig their talents for money to travel to Fimaldi Hunu, a place where they both feel certain they’ll find optimal success and happiness.

By a serendipitous encounter on a train, they hear about auditions for a circus that pays wages and travel. And after taking inventory of Janie’s amateur aerialist skills and Andrew’s unique musicianship, they decide it’s worth a shot to try out and capitalize on the opportunity.

But this intriguing circus has some lore surrounding it, and the ringmaster runs a tight ship. Can Janie and Andrew survive the stops the circus makes in unusual towns, keep up with the seasoned performers of the troupe, and manage not to get kicked out? Or worse, Janie slowly realizes… separated.

The Mandevilles’ Marvelous Marvels is J.E. Miller’s first book of a compelling series filled with adventure, culture, and genuine friendship.

This was a very captivating read for me. I really liked how JE Miller created the world and the characters in it.

Janie was such an interesting character for me and I loved how she navigated the world.

I definitely loved the characters and the way they interacted with each other.

I can’t wait for the next book!


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