Mary Poppins 12/06/22

Photo by Lara Jane Photography

It was great to be able to see Mary Poppins again. After being able to photograph snippets of the show at the media call, I have been anxiously waiting to see the show.

The first time I saw Mary Poppins was the first production back in 2011 at the Capitol Theatre so I was excited to see this new cast perform.

For my performance I had: Stefanie Jones (Mary Poppins), Jack Chambers (Bert), Tom Wren (Mr Banks), Lucy Maunder (Mrs Banks), Mia Honeysett (Jane Banks), Finn Walsham (Michael Banks), Nancye Hayes (Bird Woman), Hannah Waterman (Mrs Brill), Robert Grubb (Admiral Boom, Chairman), Chelsea Plumley (Miss Andrew), Gareth Isaac (Robertson Ay), Stephen Anderson (Northbrook, Park Keeper), Hayden Baum, Cara Bessey, Katrina Bickerton, Andrew Broadbent (Von Hussler, Policeman), Ed Deganos, Joshua Gordon, Kimberly Hodgson, Gareth Jacobs, Hollie James, Sebastian Johnston, Genevieve Kingsford, Zoe Komazec, Sasha Lian-Diniz, Noah Missell, Max Patterson, Cherine Peck (Mrs Corry), Taylor Scanlan (Neleus), Lisa Sontag (Miss Lark), Jacob Steen and Patrick Whitbread.

Photo by Lara Jane Photography

Stefanie Jones has the mannerisms of Mary Poppins down pact so much so that she is Mary Poppins to me. It was great to see her perform with Jack Chambers as Bert as they had great interactions on stage. Mia Honeysett and Finn Walshman were great as Jane and Michael Banks. They were great and loved seeing them interact throughout the show.

Jack Chambers was incredible as Bert. His portrayal of Bert was fantastic and I loved his solo in Step In Time. This was the first production I have seen Jack perform in and he did an incredible job.

Photo by Lara Jane Photography

Tom Wren and Lucy Maunder as Mr and Mrs Banks as well as Gareth Isaac as Robertson Ay and Hannah Waterman as Mrs Brill were great and loved how they interacted with each other. They are all amazing actors who I have seen in other productions.

The ensemble did an amazing job. The way they added to each scene was amazing and loved the little things they did to make the moves their own. They did a fantastic job bringing all the different characters to life especially in Jolly Holiday.

My favourite numbers have always been Jolly Holiday, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Step In Time and Anything Can Happen and that will never change. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is always a fun one with the cast spelling out the word and I have seen so many videos of it that I must admit it was hard not to do the dance as well. Step In Time is also a fun one as it is the only tap number and I loved tap as a kid.

The costumes were amazing and I loved how different they were from each other. The costumes for Jolly Holiday and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious were so bright and I just loved them. I absolutely adored the costume for Anything Can Happen and want one of my own.

I loved the staging and how it transitioned to different locations and the added props for different numbers especially in Practically Perfect, Playing the Game and Anything Can Happen.

There was a couple of people talking/asking questions and singing along to the show that was somewhat annoying but was able to tune it out.

Overall I had an amazing time seeing the show and it was such a fun night out I will definitely be going to see the show again before it closes (maybe a couple more times).


For photos from the media call:

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