Heathers The Musical

Photo by Nicholas Gomez

I have been wanting to see Heathers The Musical for a long time and only seeing clips from the West End Production can only go so far. So when I saw that it was coming to the ARA Darling Quarter Theatre for a limited time I knew I had to go along and see it.

Last night I saw Tiegan Denina (Veronica Sawyer), Jerrod Smith (JD), Sabrina Kirkuam (Heather Chandler), Kira Leiva (Heather Duke), Laura Dawson (Heather McNamara), Jake Vollbon, Sam Welsh, Jayd Luna, Gelina Enriquez, Jordan Predl, Danika Rojas, Manu Sarswat, Ryan Webber, Zachary Aleksander, Justin Rybne and Serena Tramontana.

The cast were absolutely amazing and I loved every minute of the show. The way that the production was put in from the lights to the staging was well done.

The interaction between all cast members was great and love watching everyone on stage! I especially loved watching Jason and Tiegan perform. The Heathers were great and I definitely think they portrayed their roles great. Serena did an amazing job on her debut as Ms Fleming.

The season is sold out so if you are lucky enough to have bought tickets enjoy it!

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