Come From Away Australia – Final Sydney Show

I first saw Come From Away last year in June and was very happy to see the last Sydney show.

So the first time seeing Come From Away last year I saw Zoe Gertz, Sharriese Hamilton, Douglas Hansell, Kolby , Phillip Lowe, Simon Maiden, Sarah Morrison, Ash Roussety, Emma Powell, Angela Kennedy, Kellie Rode and Gene Weygandt.

Today I saw Zoe Gertz, Manon Gunderson-Briggs, Douglas Hansell, Kat Harrison, Joe Kosky, Phillip Low, Joseph Naim, Emma Powell, Katrina Retallik, Teddy Trice, Gene Weygandt and Dan’yelle Willamson. They all did a fantastic job and it was one of my favourite shows I have seen.

You could tell this show was not only special because it was the last show for Sydney but it was the last time everyone would play these characters and tell this incredible story for a while.

This cast has gone through so much from lockdowns to Covid postponements they have weathered through it all and continued to perform this incredible show.

I loved being at the show today and it was just as incredible since the first time I saw it. I feel incredibly lucky to not only to have seen this show twice but been able to attend the media call and capture some of the show.

Right now it is important more then ever to support the arts as they are continually being effected.

Photo by Lara Jane Photography

For photos from the media call:

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