Six the Musical Australia 29/12/21

Photo by Lara Jane Photography

I first found Six the Musical when I was scrolling on YouTube and found the London’s production performing on West End Live. Since then I wanted to see a show any way possible.

I saw the 2020 cast 5 times last year and was excited to see the 2021 cast again.

The 2021 cast includes Phoenix Jackson as Aragon, Kala Gare as Boleyn, Loren Hunter as Seymour, Kiana Daniele as Cleves, Chelsea Dawson as Howard, Vidya Makan as Parr, Chiara Assetta as Dance Captain/ Swing, Karis Oka as Swing and Shannen Quan as Swing.

For my performance I had the main cast on in their roles.

Phoenix Jackson was an amazing Aragon. Taking over the role from Chloe Zuel, who is now in Hamilton, it was great to see her perform again after seeing her in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I really love Jackson’s portrayal of Aragon and the interactions with the other girls. She is definitely getting a feel of Aragon and I can’t wait to see how she is later in the season. I really enjoyed how Jackson sung No Way.

Kala Gare is back in the role as Boleyn and she has definitely made Boleyn her own like the girls on West End have. Don’t Lose Your Head is such a fun song and you can tell Gare loves singing it.

Loren Hunter is back as Seymour. I love Heart of Stone and Hunter is just incredible as Seymour that you can tell Seymour is definitely her queen.

Kiana Daniele is back again as Cleves and she is one of my favourite portrayals as Cleves coming in second to the original Cleves in the West End production Lexi. She definitely gets into the role of Cleves and I have fun watching her sing Get Down.

Chelsea Dawson is new to the role of Howard taking over the role from Courtney Monsma, who is Anna in Frozen. Dawson was really great as Howard and I enjoyed All You Wanna Do. I loved her interactions with the girls and can see her really making Howard her own.

Vidya Makan is back as Parr and I loved how she has made Parr her own. I love her version of I Don’t Need Your Love which only gets better as she gets more comfortable in the role.

I had the absolute best time seeing Six again and loved being able to take photos in the MegaSix. I can tell that these girls have a great time off and on stage and I can’t wait see the show again this season!


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