Hamilton Take Two

This wasn’t my first time seeing Hamilton but it was even better then the first time.

It was great to see the cast back on stage after the lockdown especially when they had only just made it to 100 shows before having to close.

I had the main cast again this time around and I loved watching what the ensemble does throughout each song.

Jason Arrow is an amazing Alexander Hamilton and I love seeing him perform the role. Lyndon Watts as Aaron Burr is phenomenal and it was great to see him perform again.

Schuyler Sisters will most likely always be my favourite song and to see Chloe Zuel, Akina Edmonds and Elandrah Eramiha Connect and sing together again was amazing.

The way that Brent Hill, Marty Alix, Shaka Cook, Matu Ngaropo and Victory Ndukwe all act their characters is so effortless and it makes it difficult for me to see anyone else in their roles, similarly for the other characters as well.

I can’t wait to see it again next year before Hamilton finish their run in Sydney and go to Melbourne.

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