When Days Tilt by Karen Ginnane

Thank you to Penguin Teen Australia for the review copy.

Magic, mystery and darkness – a gripping fantasy adventure for lovers of Philip Pullman;s Northern Lights

It’s 1856 and there are two queens on the throne. Victoria reigns over London, the biggest city the world has ever known. And in the shadow city of Donlon another queen, the Green WItch, rules over her own domain – time.

London is in turmoil. A blazing comet is searing the sky and people are mysteriously disappearing all over the city, returning with empty eyes and torn souls. When fourteen-year-old Ava is thrust into the dark world of Donlon, she must discover the truth about her own life and those she loves, as well as fight to protect the future of both worlds…

The cover was the first thing I noticed and intrigued me but the blurb drew my curiosity even more.

I really enjoy books that are set in the past and with When Days Tilt being set in 1856 was perfect me. The way that you seamlessly move between the two cities was amazing.

The characters were really interesting especially Ava with the two Queens Victoria and the Green Witch following closely.

I was hooked from the very beginning and will definitely be reading the sequel which I cant wait for.


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