Come From Away

Photo by Lara Jane Photography

Wow what an incredible show! After the Sydney run being postponed last year due to COVID it was amazing to be able to see the show finally and it didn’t disappoint.

From the moment Welcome to the Rock begins you are immediately captured by the companies’ amazing vocals and of course the story of Come From Away.

Come From Away tells the story of the people when 9/11 occurred ‘in a heart beat had 38 planes with 6579 passengers who were stranded in a remote town in Newfoundland. The locals opened their hearts and homes, hosting this international community if strangers – spurring unexpectedly camaraderie in extraordinary circumstances”.

The way in which the 18 cast members transform into different characters mid song as with accents was amazing and flowed so well. Emma Powell (Beulah & others), Zoe Gertz (Beverly & Others), Kolby Kindle (Bob & Others), Kellie Rode (Bonnie & Others), Gene Weygandt (Claude & Others), Angela Kennedy (Diane & Others), Sharriese Hamilton (Hannah & Others), Sarah Morrison (Janice & Others), Ash Roussety (Kevin J & Others), Douglas Hansell (Kevin T & Others), Phillip Lowe (Nick & Others) and Simon Maiden (Oz & Others) were incredible telling this story. The way they transitioned between different people during 38 Planes was amazing and you felt for each of the people on the planes.

Photo by Lara Jane Photography

The set was incredible and the way that each part of the set was used to tell the story was amazing. Just the movement of the chairs and tables on stage, while simple, meant a lot.

Costumes and other items played a massive part in Come From Away as each actor had a base costume which was added to for different people as they went through the show.

Come From Away is a must see musical! It has moments of laughter, sadness and makes you feel so much. It is goes for 100minutes with no interval. I will definitely be seeing it again before it leaves Sydney


Come From Away is at the Capitol Theatre until the 29th August.

Photo by Lara Jane Photography

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