Photo by Daniel Boud

What a show! You really don’t want to miss your shot!

Not only have I been waiting for years to be able to see a production of Hamilton but after watching the show on Disney+ made me want to see the Australian cast perform even more and they didn’t let me down.

Jason Arrow (Alexander Hamilton) was an amazing pick for Hamilton and loved seeing him portray the role. While I know a lot of people love Lin-Manuel Miranda in the role I actually prefer Arrow in the role and he does it justice.

Another incredible casting was Lyndon Watts (Aaron Burr). He did an incredible job and I enjoyed seeing is him in this role. I loved the reactions he did in certain parts in songs.

It was great to see Chloe Zuel (Eliza Hamilton) perform again after seeing her in Six. The connection that she has to her on stage sisters Akina Edmonds (Angelica Schuyler) and Elandrah Eramiha (Peggy Schuyler/ Maria Reynolds) was lovely and I liked seeing these ladies perform.

After seeing Brent Hill (King George) in School of Rock it was great to see him as King George. He was absolutely hilarious and loved every time he came on stage.

Brent Hill as King George
Photo by Daniel Boud

Rounding out the principal cast are Matu Ngaropo (George Washington) and Victory Ndukwe (Marquis de Lafayette/ Thomas Jefferson) Shaka Cook (Hercules Mulligan/ James Madison) and Marty Alix (John Laurens/ Phillip Hamilton) who were all phenomenal.

Photo by Daniel Boud

Making up the ensemble for the performance was Daniel Assetta, Kyla Bartholomeusz, Christopher Campbell, Keanu Gonzalez, Julian Kuo, Loredo Malcolm, Jayme Jo Massoud, Tainga Savage, Jas Smith-Sua, Tiguan Strode and Romina Villafrance.

The whole show was one where you had to be in the room where it happened as it was my days highlight. It was everything I expected and more. I was blown away.

Photo by Daniel Boud

The set was amazing to see live and I loved seeing the detail that went into it, the books, cups and even the moving parts of the set. The costumes were of course amazing but what else were you to expect.

Every song was exceptionally well done and I sometime didn’t know who I wanted to watch. My eyes were constantly sweeping across the entire stage the entire show. The entire cast is incredible and did an incredible job.

Overall I enjoyed the show massively and will definitely be seeing it again. Definitely go check it out if you are in Sydney or can come to Sydney!


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