The Raven Thief by Ashley Oliver

This is the first book in The Royal Thieves Trilogy. I was given a review copy in exchange for an honest review

One sword with power to decide fates. Known as the Raven, Enya has a reputation for getting things done no matter the cost. Which is exactly why brothers Rowan, Beacon asn Niall hire her to help them retrieve a legendary sword. To Enya, this job means avoiding the noose and giving her crew the lives they deserve. Unfortunately, there is far more to this quest than meets the eye. A threatening rebellion. Fights for the throne. Sinister assassination attempts. Tyrannical rulers. With every corner turned, the hunt for the sword becomes far more deadly. But the worst is yet to come. An ancient evil is rising, hell-bent on reclaiming its army and power. Can Enya become the salvation mankind needs? Or will secrets kept by so-called allies allow the world to be plunged into darkness and despair?

The Raven Thief was a book I knew was up my alley. This is Ashley’s debut book and it sets up the series really well.

I really loved the plot of The Raven Thief and how the story quickly progressed. I loved the meeting between the princes and Enya and how even though she doesn’t like the king, she remembers how the princes were nice.

Enya is such a strong character but also has snark. She is also a good leader and prefers not to let her members put themselves in anymore danger than they have to.

The world and magic system is very interesting. I loved the mixture of fae, other mythical creatures and humans, old weapons and new weapons and magic. The world definitely had me hooked as well as the story and the cliff hanger at the end left me wanting.

Overall I really enjoyed The Raven Thief and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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