Author Highlight: Shelby Mahurin

I love finding new authors and I enjoyed reading Shelby’s Serpent and Dove books.

Shelby Mahurin is a young adult fantasy writer. She has only written three books so far but I look forward to seeing what else she writes.

  • Serpent & Dove
    • Serpent & Dove
    • Blood & Honey
    • Gods & Monsters

Shelby Mahurin’s third book Gods & Monsters comes out in August this year.

Lou has spent her whole life running. Now, after a crushing blow from Morgane, the time has come to go home—and claim what is rightfully hers.

But this is no longer the Lou her friends knew. No longer the Lou who captured a chasseur’s heart. A darkness has settled over her, and this time it will take more than love to drive it out.

I cant wait to read Gods & Monsters this August!

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