Author Highlight: Neil Gaiman

I have only read a few of Neil Gaiman’s books those being Good Omens and Norse Mythology but I have loved his storytelling.

Neil Gaiman writes children fiction, fantasy, science fiction, urban fantasy, horror and young adult fantasy.

  • London Below
    • Neverwhere
    • How the Marquis Got His Coat Back
  • American Gods
    • American Gods
    • The Monarch of the Glen
    • Anansi Boys
    • Black Dog
  • InterWorld
    • InterWorld
    • The Silver Dream
    • Eternity’s Wheel
  • Chu
    • Chu’s First Day of School
    • Chu’s Day at the Beach
  • Good Omens
  • Stardust
  • Coraline
  • Odd and the Frost Giants
  • The Graveyard Book
  • The Ocean at the End of the Lane
  • Fortunately, the Milk
  • Neil Gaiman Young Reader’s Collection
  • Angels and Visitations
  • Warning: Contains Language
  • Smoke and Mirrors
  • Midnight Days
  • Two Plays for Voices
  • Adventures in the Dream Trade
  • Creatures of the Night
  • Noisy Outlaws, Infriendly Blobs and Some Other Things
  • Fragile Things
  • The Neil Gaiman Reader: Selected Fiction
  • M Is for Magic
  • Blueberry Girl
  • Zombies: The Recent dead
  • All Star Future Shocks
  • Trigger Warning
  • Fantasy For Good
  • Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories
  • How to Talk to Girls at Parties
  • Norse Mytholgy
  • Troll Bridge
  • Snow, Glass, Apples
  • Shoggoth’s Old Peculiar
  • Instructions
  • The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains
  • The Sleeper and The Spindle

Neil Gaiman has written and contributed to so many works and I am trying to read as much of his work as possible.

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