Chronicles of a Spell Caster by J.J Singleton

This is the first book in the series

With Jet’s freshman year gearing up to start, and the normal pressures of college looming, Jet will have to navigate finding a place to fit in, classes, homework, tests, and papers. But in a world where people have powers and abilities and can-do extraordinary things. A new norm has been imbedded into the College curriculum. Students must also complete tasks and assignments within a virtual reality called the AITS to hone their abilities and skills. The idea of who is the strongest, hovers over the whole student body and fighting, backstabbing and betrayal are ever present. This notion is amplified during the spring semester of every year when the student spends the remainder of the year within the AITS. Over time Jet will find out who his real friends are and what he must do to survive this hostile world of college. What secrets will be revealed this year. Will one of them be Jet’s dark secret? Will he be able to control the aftermath if it’s revealed or will it harm everyone around him?

This is the first book I have read by J.J Singleton and I enjoyed it.

The magic system is really interesting and somewhat different from other books I have read before.

To me the world that the story takes place in is one of the aspects of a book that makes me continue reading a story or not. I found this world to be well well built with history and action taking place creatively throughout.

Jet is an interesting character and has many layers to him which I loved finding out. The rest of the characters that we are introduced support Jet really well and the story.

Overall I really enjoyed Chronicles of the Spell Caster and I look forward to reading more.


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