The Demon’s Pursuit of Mor by Ahisha McGregory

This is the first book in The Laurent Witches series

Since the age of 15, Morgaine Palmer dreamed of joining the Circle of Light, an elite sect of covens, tasked with protecting witches from demonic attack.

The young witches fortunate enough to join the COL’s ranks gain honor, prestige and in Morgaine’s case, a break from a tyrannical father. Everything is going to plan until her older sister gets engaged to the Grand Witch of Illinois, Lord Lincoln Winston.

The charismatic leader is beloved by all and, in no time, wins the hearts of the Palmer family. However, Morgaine soon realises that her future brother in law is keeping a dark secret.

After a failed attempt to uncover it, she finds herself on the wrong side of the law. She is shunned from the enchantment community and forced to leaver her loved ones behind.

Proving her innocence seems impossible. But little does Morgaine know, some notable strangers have taken an interest in her situation, each harbouring their own reason for wanting her vindicated.

Will Morgaine accept their help to clear her name or leave the door to her old life closed forever?

This is Ahisha McGregory’s debut book and I really enjoyed The Demon’s Pursuit of Mor.

The magic system and world in The Demon’s Pursuit of Mor is very interesting as well as well done. I really enjoyed seeing different people being represented in the book.

I always enjoy reading books that have strong female characters and Morgaine definitely is one. There is other female characters throughout the story and they compliment Mor which was amazing to see.

Overall I did enjoy The Demon’s Pursuit of Mor and I look forward to reading more from Ahisha McGregory.


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