The Demonic Compendium: Book 1 by David Viergutz

This is the first book in the The Demonic Compendium series.

The slaughter of the royal family has awakened an unspeakable evil.

Prince Shaw returns from death with the help of The Demonic Compendium, a sentient tome of demonic knowledge with its own agenda.

Caught between his soul-bound tasks and his personal mission, Shaw must find a way to honor his agreement with the book, avenge his family, and retake the throne.
Little does he know; forces of darkness are plotting against him.

A demonic army has been raised, with the malicious intent to annihilate the world.
With enemies closing in from all sides, Shaw discovers his only hope to survive lies in the hands of an ancient entity with a death wish all its own.

Sound the drums of war and prepare for battle! Can Shaw take his place as the rightful king? Or will the nation he loves crumble before his eyes?

The Demonic Compendium Book 1 sets the world up beautifully and you are immediately drawn into the world wanting to know more.

I really enjoyed book 1 and how fast paced the story was, I wasn’t left waiting and wanting to know what was going to happen.

The character were very colourful which allowed me to get an instant connection. There is a lot of different races within The Demonic Compendium book 1 but in particular there is humans and demons as well as a mixture of the two. I really liked Shaw and his view in what he needs to get done. The trapped demon Pemazu was very interesting for an immortal, powerful demon and I want to read more.

Viergutz has created a very fleshed out world that is interconnected. The Thin Line which is basically not the human world that he has created but everywhere and nowhere at the same time was crafted so beautifully. I look forward to diving more into the world in the next book.

Overall I really enjoyed the first book of The Demonic Compendium and I cant wait to read more and find out more about the characters as the series continues.


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