The Lightning’s Claim by K.M Fahy

To walk outside is to dance with death – and Kitieri Manon knows all the steps: Don’t stand out. Don’t make friends. And, when the warnings start, run as fast as you can.

Everyday is a fight for survival in a world terrorized by the deadly lightning they call the Blue Killer The Churches call it divine punishment, but Kitieri has only ever known the good to suffer. It’s easy for the elites to preach, hoarding the life-saving cintra while the poor die in droves.

As the Strikes grow increasingly violent, Kitieri finds herself a walking target. She can smell the lightning coming before the warnings, can feel the malice in the air. The Blue Killer seeks her blood.

It calls to her.

To answer that call, Kitieri will risk everything. Lives hang in the balance as she is swept into a network of deceit, corruption, and betrayal running deeper than she ever could have imagined. With blood on her hands and a target on her back, Kitieri must come to terms with who and what she is before she loses those she holds dear.

If she cannot control the part of herself she hates the most, the lightning will claim more than just her life.

The Lightning’s Claim is K.M Fahy’s debut book which follows Kitieri. I was absolutely excited to read an advanced copy and this standalone is amazing.

I really enjoyed the plot of The Lightning’s Claim with having Kitieri who is working so hard to provide for her siblings.

The story is fast paced, action packed which I absolutely loved as I didn’t really know what would come next.

There characters were really interesting and I loved how strong Kitieri is. Kitieri’s love for her siblings and wanting what’s best for everyone.

I always enjoy where there is social structures that the main characters want to dismantle and The Lightning’s Claim has all of it.

Overall I loved The Lightning’s Claim and I will definitely be re-reading the book again soon.


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