Golden Son by Pierce Brown

Darrow grew up working the mines deep underneath the surface of Mars, surviving backbreaking labour while dreaming of a better future he was building for his family. This was a lie. Darrow’s kin have been betrayed and denied by their elitist masters. So Darrow sacrificed himself in the name of the greater good for Eo, who dreamed for a different world though she died. He becomes a Gold, infiltrating their privileged realm so he can destroy them from within. A lamb among wolves in a cruel world, Darrow finds friendship, respect and even love – but also the wrath of powerful rivals. To wage and win the war that will change humankind’s destiny, Darrow must confront the treachery arrayed against him, overcome his all-too-human desire for retribution and strive not for violent revolt but a hopeful rebirth. Though the road ahead is fraught with danger and deceit, Darrow must choose to follow Eo’s principle of love and justice to free his people.

Golden Son is set 2 years after Red Rising and Darrow is now training at the Academy, a school similar to the Institute. It is great to see Darrow growing more into himself and becoming more sure of himself in tough situations.

Throughout Golden Son, we are taking to places that we haven’t been before and the settings that Brown took us to, set an incredible scene for what takes place in the book.

The themes of Golden Son follows through from Red Rising. There is more emphasis on warfare and the way in which Golds have to carry out battle. It is interesting in the way in which Darrow regards his crew compared to other Golds and the trust that his places in certain members of the crew. Politics is more of a forefront and is an important aspect of the story.

In all Golden Son is a great read. It is a wonderful continuation of the Red Rising trilogy.


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