The Man From the Mist by P J Mann


Dave has a gift – invisibility. His life has been cursed by a shy and dull personality that makes him invisible to the rest of the world.

Everything is going to change once Gloria, the new tenant of the apartment next door moves in, and Dave’s days of solitude seem almost over.

A series of murders, perpetrated by a mysterious avenger, described by the witnesses as a man wearing a coat and a fedora hat shake the life of the neighborhood.

However, when Dave finds an old suitcase in his wardrobe containing a coat and a fedora hat, he begins to realize that things are not quite as they seem. That find leaves Dave with some startling questions about his past.

As the avenger targets the member of the local criminality, those who had been terrorized seem to be relieved and see in Dave the ideal candidate to fit into the avenger role.

Yet not everybody is pleased with the news, and soon Dave will find himself chased by the Police and the local criminal gangs.

Who’s is trying to frame him? What’s hidden in Dave’s past and will he uncover the secret behind the mysterious avenger, or will he become another victim in the mist?

The Man from the Mist is a great crime/ mystery novel that leaves the reader questioning what they thought they know. 

We meet a man named Dave who has the unique ability of invisibility as he calls it, of not being noticed by the people around him. The development of his character throughout the story makes you want to guess what about him is making him feel invisible. Upon meeting Gloria, it shows the human connection and the need for Dave to help people and have a friendship with someone. Reading different perspectives periodically through the book gave another layer and insight to different aspects of what was happening in the story. 

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