Illumicrate: October ‘Life & Death’ Unboxing

I was so excited for this month’s box! Addie LaRue Print + Seven Star Acrylic Photo Frame Artwork by RosieThorns88 Show off this stunning artwork by Rosie featuring a scene from The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue in its own matching photo frame The Jade Crown Skeleton Tin Designed by: Crimson Pins & Chatty Nora … More Illumicrate: October ‘Life & Death’ Unboxing

FairyLoot: Blood & Honey Special Edition Box

My Blood & Honey Box arrived today!! Blanket with artwork designed by noverantale Bookish Candle by bookishburns inspired by La Foret Des Yeux! Label designed by blanca.designs Enamel pin set designed by jezhawk featuring two quotes from the series. Storage tin with a design by chattynora Gilded tarot deck designed by oblivionsdream Art print of … More FairyLoot: Blood & Honey Special Edition Box

LitJoy Crate: October ‘Ancient Alchemy’ Unboxing

LitJoy Unboxing time!! Items this month: Nikolai/ Jekyll & Hyde Woodmark Discovery of Witches Scarf Vampire Diaries Photo Strip (Set of Two) Philosopher’s Stone Soap His Dark Materials Alethiometer Trinket Dish Add ons bought Occamy Eggshells Candle Alchemy Moth Mini Backpack A Golden Fury by Samantha Fury Thea Hope has always longed to be an … More LitJoy Crate: October ‘Ancient Alchemy’ Unboxing

Owlcrate: October ‘Legends and Lore’ Unboxing

Owlcrate time!!! Keeping fingers cool with a new bowl cozy! The fabric, designed by Janine Lecour, was inspired by the fabric featured on Spin the Dawn’s cover. Join the celebration of the Solstasia Festival with this refreshing soap bar! Motherland Essentials was inspired by A Song of Wraiths and Ruin when creating the item. Charge … More Owlcrate: October ‘Legends and Lore’ Unboxing

Owlcrate: September ‘A Glorious Haunting’ Unboxing

Another month another Owlcrate box! Michelle Gray designed the flannel blanket featuring the full test of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven to be the perfect cozy companion to have ‘upon a midnight dreary’! Stir some gothic vibes with stainless steel skull spoons set inspired by The Bone Houses Novelly Yours whipped up something extra magical … More Owlcrate: September ‘A Glorious Haunting’ Unboxing

Illumicrate: September ‘Sinister Surroundings’ Unboxing

Another month another Illumicrate! Heart of the Wood Mug Artwork by: Rosie Thorns (@rosierhorns88) The newest addition to the mug series featuring Rosie’s stunning papercraft art inspired by Uprooted by Naomi Novik Howlers Necklace Artwork by: NooneDesigns (@noonedesigns Show off your allegiance to the Howlers with this iconic necklace It’s Only a Game Cushion Cover … More Illumicrate: September ‘Sinister Surroundings’ Unboxing

LitJoy Crate: September ‘Favourite Fictional Families’ Unboxing

Ahh it’s LitJoy Crate time again! Items this month: Little Women Author Tote Twilight Cullen Crest Enamel Pin Blackthorn Family Portrait September Trading Cards ACOTAR (Set of Four) Narnia Mini Tea Cup Baggins of Hobbiton Family Tree Tray Add ons bought Atlantis Literary Location Enamel Pin The Left–Handed Booksellers of London by Garth Nix From … More LitJoy Crate: September ‘Favourite Fictional Families’ Unboxing

FairyLoot: September ‘Under the Sea’ Unboxing

Another month another box! Items in box: To Kill a Kingdom Mug designed by Gabrielle Ragusil Unfortunate Souls Keychain designed by loveyoumorestudio Pencil case designed by Ink and Wonder Hair De-tangling Brush illustrated by taratjah Ombré Metal Straws by FairyLoot Postcard from Atlantis illustrated by taratjah Collectible Tarot Cards by Katherine Britt Fable by Adrienne … More FairyLoot: September ‘Under the Sea’ Unboxing